Our Findings

  • Heart Rate
  • Calories
  • Pace
  • DIstance

Our Products Provide


    Our innovative product line will be a tool to greatly improve a swimmers productivity, efficiency, and precision in training. Phlex estimates that users of the product line will see marked improvement in their first competitive season of use.

  • Anaerobic (Quality) Training

    Aerobic (Quantity) Training


    Blowing Ring Bubbles

Key Advantages

Heart Rate

Providing real-time heart rate feedback to a swimmer and coach with precision allows for better focus on technique. Allowing coaches and swimmers to review training with more accuracy takes the guessing game out of it.


Our proprietary technology allows for more then just efficient hardware. Phlex's complimentary software is capable of analyzing the swimmers analytics to the point of recognizing stroke technique issues.

Real-time Analytics

Opening the opportunity to easily access a swimmers distance, time, pace, stroke analysis, calories burnt, heart rate, cadence, breath count, distance underwater and more.

Precise Training

With support from coaches all across the world, we have developed products to be ideal for recreational and competitive swimmers alike. Whether you're in it to burn calories or break records, Phlex's technology is right for you.

Our Formula

Elite Education

The entire Phlex staff is applying their elite academics to their experience within the sport of swimming. Ranging from UF’s world famous Warrington Business branch, to the newly renovated engineering school, the Phlex team has access to state of the art facilities and staff of the University for advisory roles.  Most recently, Phlex has been accepted to UF’s Gator Hatchery, an on-campus incubator for student operated startups.

Excellence in Sport

With an overwhelming 80+ years involved in the sport, the Phlex team has reached and knows what it takes to be at the top of our sport. Ranging from multi-time conference champions to USMS record holders, Olympics to World Championships, Phlex’s staff has seen it all. To find out more about the Phlex staff’s swimming accolades as Gators, follow the link here.

Focused Creativity

Staring at the bottom of the pool has never been more interesting. Phlex has combined our intellect with our knowledge for the sport to begin thinking outside the box and developing a new sport using our creativity and brainstorming expertise. Our social media presence relies on the help of the swimming community to shape creative new ideas for the sport. Facebook & Twitter

Networking Ability

We possess a personal network reaching far and wide across the swimming world. Participating in the swimming community our whole lives has allowed our team to develop relationships with many swimmers and coaches from across the United States and Internationally. 

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Collegiate Support

Team Members
Happy Coaches
Distance Before Noon

Phlex has gratefully had the chance to work with some of the biggest names in coaching. Empowering the fastest swimmers in the world is just what Phlex does. With support and help in designing our products from the worlds top coaches, Phlex products are contoured to the worlds elite, even if its your first time dipping a toe in the pool.


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